some people may not fully encompass what it means to be real with one another. First off, theres just so much going on around us at such a young age that its harder now to be at peace with everything and everyone at once. Thats why my patience with ppl now has grown static, because we’re all in this shitty but incredible ride together. When people turn to hurt and sadness often it’s because we all have the unfortunate ability to lose sight of ourselves. I’ve always felt that its important to not lose ourselves even at the darkest and scariest points in our life. Even when we do lose ourselves we can still hold onto the thoughts of waking up years from now and remembering both our struggles and our dreams. Throughout this crazy adventure it’s nice to be reminded that we are all our own vessel and we must stay afloat and help each other afloat as were all headed on this beautiful journey, together, into nothingness. Its sad, yes, but quite beautiful. We all share the same fate so why dont we all just get along untill were gone. We all want to love and support eachother, especially those whom which we’ve grown beside, when you really think deeply, our first instinct in the face of distress is to help. From simple words to powerful actions we all have tried to help one another out. The weirdest part about all of this is how the world we grew up in tries to define love. When really, its all around us. Defined in each and every one of us.